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Classroom Management Success Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy Center of Classroom Management Success, Classroom Management Success respects your privacy . By this notice, we make a commitment to you that we' will protect your privacy.

In the following parts, we will show you how your data is collected and used.

Where Can Privacy Notice be used?

This privacy notice informs how Classroom Management Success deals with the personal identification information and other personal identification information shared by the business companies when visitors visit http://www.classroom-management-success.org/ and its server.

When you are registered to be a member of Classroom Management Success, it means that we can use your information according to this privacy notice.

User E-mail and Password

You are required to fill in your e-mail addresss and password when you register at Classroom Management Success. The only one thing that matters when you log in is your password. Your registered E-mail is your username when you log in at http://www.classroom-management-success.org/ . Please use an e-mail address which is effective so we can keep in touch with you.

  • You can change your password once you have logged in Classroom Management Success Login Area.
  • If you forget your password, you may lose your account and your personal identification information.
  • You can contact us or use the links for password missing to get your password back.
  • Classroom Management Success holds no responsibility for the damage caused by a missing password which is due to individual mistakes or improper use of the login area.
Collect Information

When you register at Classroom Management Success, use Classroom Management Success's products or services, we'll collect your personal identification information.

If you want to be a member of Classroom Management Success, you are required to fill in the information, including name and registered e-mail address.

In addition, if you choose the Products Delivery Service, you are required to fill in your true name, address, phone number and postal code.

Classroom Management Success offers better service to its members by obtaining members' statistical information from this registered information.

Use of Information

Classroom Management Success collects client's information to offer better focused services. After becoming a member of Classroom Management Success, we will offer you the following services by checking your registered information:

  • Enjoy Classroom Management Success Membership Price.
  • Receive the information of Sales Promotions of Classroom Management Success periodically.
  • Request assistance from our " Live Support "
Proclaim and Share the Information

Classroom Management Success will never give, sell, rent or share our user's personal information with the third party unless following circumstances as exceptions:

  • When we are allowed to share the information with the third party by our clients.
  • Whenever, without sharing your personal information, the products and services you need/require will not be possible to offer.
  • When, the third party, the surrogate of Classroom Management Success and Classroom Management Success offer services together. (After the service, the third party is forbidden to read all the data which is available before the service included.)
  • When we are forced to offer your information by law and the government.
  • We find out that you disobey the service terms of Classroom Management Success or rules of other products and services.
Use of Cookies

Under the circumstances that you don't refuse to receive cookies, they will be sent to your browser and kept in the hard disk of your computer.

We use cookies to store the data caused by visiting our website. So when you visit our website or visit it again, we can identify you.

We can offer you better service by analyzing the data. You have the right to choose to accept the cookies or refuse it. You can also refuse cookies by changing settings of the browser.


We trace the IP just for the consideration of safety and we can learn about the installations of our products. The software products of Classroom Management Success can only be installed in two different machines. If the active IP of users changes frequently, we will contact the clients and take measures to prevent the Classroom Management Success products from being abused.

Credit Card

Classroom Management Success online payment solution requires clients to fill in the information of credit card and submit it to finish the purchasing procedure. Classroom Management Success will never get anything about the client's integrity payment information. All our online payment is accomplished by the third safe payment gateway. We can tell whether the client has successfully paid by the feedback information of the payment gateway. Classroom Management Success only gets part of the payment information to keep in touch with clients with reason. Classroom Management Success uses SSL confidential system to ensure the security of data transmission.

If our payment gateway judges that there might be some possibility of Credit Card Fraud, The client will receive a mail inquiring about the information of your credit card. You should respond it in 24 hours if you have received such mails. Then we will submit the information you offered to the payment gateway to prove that you're the cardholder of the credit card to dispel your suspicion of cheating.

The information you offered will be reserved by us for three months in order to accomplish the payment with the bank. In the meantime, Classroom Management Success ensures that your information won't be shared or exchanged. We will destroy all the information after three months to protect your privacy.

External Links

You may find some links to other websites in http://www.classroom-management-success.org/ and Classroom Management Success has no responsibility for other websites privacy safeguards. We may add some related business company's websites to Classroom Management Success at any time when needed, but the information we give to relating companies is just general information, we'll never publish your identification.

The Revision of the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Classroom Management Success improves continuously. With the expansion of our service area, we will update the privacy policy whenever there is something new. You can look over this notice at any time. Except for the large margin of revision in personal information, Classroom Management Success won't inform the clients of the update.

Contact Classroom Management Success

If you would like to contact us for any reason regarding our privacy practices, please contact us: Contact now


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