The Benefits of Using a Shagle Video Monitor

The Shagle Video Monitor is a media server that mounts directly onto the video monitor itself. It’s especially helpful for businesses that don’t have a dedicated space for storage of their videos and DVDs.

Already know that it’s a great piece of equipment

Already know that it

If you’ve already got a portable media server, you probably already know that it’s a great piece of equipment. But, if you’re looking to expand your system, or just move it to a new location, a media server can be very handy. They’re very flexible and can help you to accommodate a lot more disks than you might have realized.

One great feature that many of the newer media servers are incorporating is the ability to add a video monitor. There are some drawbacks to using this kind of video mirroring device, but there are also some great advantages.

A Shagle Video Monitor works a lot like a desktop computer monitor. The difference is, instead of a computer on which the monitor sits, the monitor mounts directly onto the media server’s monitor. It can either be a front-panel monitor that attaches to the server directly or a front-panel monitor that uses the back of the server’s monitor.

Because a media server is not a computer, it doesn’t need any kind of operating system installed on it. Unlike a laptop, a Media Server doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that allow for full control over the user interface. As such, many of these devices can connect directly to the Internet, without having to deal with the rigmarole of installing any additional software on the machine.

Most modern media servers are designed so that they use a USB port to provide power to the device. This means that they can be powered directly from the user.

The top end models can do most of the same things

The top end models can do most of the same things

Another great feature of a Shagle Video Monitor is the fact that it can support full-sized DVD and VCD disks. This means that your media server will play all of your movies and videos just as well as if you had an entire disk drive in place. In fact, some of these machines can even support USB drives that can hold up to 30 gigabytes.

If you have an entire hard drive, you’ll be able to add up to three separate DVDs to the system. Just pop in your disc and mount them. Since the drive is only plugged into the system’s video monitor, you can watch everything on your TV or use a simple DVD player.

You can also find these devices in a B-range media server. The differences between the two differ a little bit, but the top end models can do most of the same things as the mid-range devices.

The more expensive they tend to be

The more expensive they tend to be

However, when choosing between these two types of media servers, the more features you get, the more expensive they tend to be. The higher-end devices can support many different features, while the lower-end units only offer basic capabilities.

With a Shagle Video Monitor, you get everything that you would expect from a media server. The media drive is mounted directly onto the media monitor, and it can house up to three Blu-ray discs. Additionally, you can connect a remote to the system so that you can view the video remotely.

It’s also nice to note that there are many more benefits than just the ability to play DVDs through your media server. Some of the features include DVR, network, and different sound card options.

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