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Whether you need help with your classroom management skills, or you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, or you want to be admired as a role model and inspire others, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Classroom Management Success my purpose is to provide top quality information and to offer advice on how you can develop your skills at managing your classroom, no matter what level you’re currently at.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bill Alexander. I’ve been a successful educator in the UK for 39 years.

But I wasn’t always successful. As a young rookie teacher back in the early seventies I suffered all the problems that any new teacher faces with successfully managing what happens in the classroom. There were some days when I went home and wondered if I’d made the right career choice.

Fortunately, working alongside some great colleagues, expert teachers who were generous with their advice, their time, their openness and good humour I started to get better.

I began to reflect on what these mentors had shared with me. I realised after a while that effective classroom management comes down to a few simple truths

Simple Truth #1

All teachers need help with classroom management, especially early in their career. They depend on finding and using good information and advice.

All teachers worry about what happens in their classrooms. They all choose to be teachers because they passionately want to ‘make a difference’. However, the first few years, and for some a lot longer, are often spent facing up to a reality that teacher training programs cannot prepare teachers for.

Simple Truth #2

Most teachers do find ways to become successful in the classroom.

It is possible to learn good classroom management, and most teachers with the right help support and effort do learn how to manage their classrooms well.

Simple Truth #3

The very best teachers become great classroom management role models and inspire and encourage other teachers to become better.

The very best teachers reflect on what they and their students do together that succeeds or fails. The best teachers never stop learning and they inspire and encourage others to keep getting better and better.

Once I was shown classroom management that works I started to do some detailed research and saw how really successful people don’t become successful by accident – they build success on being effective, by setting out key principles, values and beliefs that guide them in their endeavours.

From my research I developed a system of key principles that I use every day to be successful in the classroom.

Principle #1

The most important factor in classroom management is you – the teacher.

Everything starts and ends with you. I realised that whatever system was in place in the school, ultimately I was the most important influence in the classroom. That’s where we all need to start – with the only thing we can completely control – ourselves.

Principle #2

You need a vision and a plan.

I knew that I had to be able to plan for success, which meant knowing what success looks like, and I needed to have the right mindset to expect success if I planned it carefully. But before I could make a plan that would work I had to have a vision of success that would inspire me.

Principle #3

Successful teachers concentrate on what works well.

I decided to spend time concentrating on what was really important for me to be successful in the classroom, and developing a range of strategies I could use. I wanted to control events if I could, rather than have events control me.

Principle #4

Good teachers understand the needs of their students.

I learnt that students don’t all learn in the same ways, and, if I was going to be able to help students, I needed to understand their needs.

Principle #5

If everybody wins, everybody’s happy.

I began to see classroom discipline as a partnership which could be fair to everybody, if everyone had a stake in it.

Principle #6

Good teachers know how to involve other people.

Nobody has all the answers, but others may well know what you need to know, and are often willing to help. The end result of collaborating with others is often that you achieve success that is far greater than you might have expected.

Principle #7

Good teachers keep themselves sharp and never stop learning.

classroom management

By keeping a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives, and developing themselves as people, good teachers remain fresh and continue to be successful in the classroom.

So, that’s the inspiration for this website, which can help you learn how to succeed with classroom management by consistently practising some key habits that are linked to the ways human beings operate effectively in all areas of experience.

I’ve researched the subject in depth, so you don’t have to. New information is added all the time, so I hope you’ll bookmark this site and return to it frequently to find what you’re looking for.

All the information on this website is free and unbiased. It’s filtered through my 30 plus years of trying, every day, to ‘walk the talk’, as a very successful classroom teacher, curriculum manager, coach and mentor.

Thank you for letting me share it with you on your journey to becoming an outstanding classroom professional.

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